Planet Photo
We originally chose the name Magrathea for our domain because as fans of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", we wanted to pay homage to Douglas Adams' wonderful trilogy (in 5 parts). It was easy to choose which bit of imagery from the books best fit the Internet domain paradigm once we realized that just as the planet Magrathea served as a home to some and a rest-area to others, so too could the domain Magrathea. It then followed that characters like Arthur, Marvin, and Agrajag, who visited Magrathea, and Slartibartfast, a permanent resident of the planet, would give their names to some of our hosts.

Then, in May 2001, the world suffered a terrible loss when Mr. Adams passed away at the all too early age of 49. At that time, we rededicated this domain to his memory, to the memory of his entire body of work, and to the huge impact he had on so many lives.

Please learn more about Douglas Adams by visiting his official site.